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Main Office: Arkasa, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.16 km
Arkasa Palace Hotel.jpg
Arkasa, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.39 km
Archipelagos Hotel Apartments.jpg
Arkasa, Karpathos 857 00, Griechenland 0.53 km
Alpha Studios Hotel.jpg
Arkasa, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.58 km
If you decide to visit Karpathos, you will have the chance to meet us at its southeastern part, a...
Glaros Studios.jpg
St. Nicholas Beach, Arkasa, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.82 km
Royal Resort Hotel.jpg
Saint Nicholas Beach, Arkasa, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.84 km
Arkasa - Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.84 km
At Royal Beach Hotel we believe in hospitality and our focus is on providing our guests a wonderf...
Arkasa, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.88 km
The beach is located on the southern side of Arkasa, only 1 km from the city. The road from Arkas...
Finiki View.jpg
Finiki, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 1.53 km
Finiki View is a recently built hotel facing the little port and the beach of Finiki Village. Abo...
Finiki Harbour 1.jpg
Finiki Harbour 1.53 km
PLEASE CHECK PHOTOS SECTION ! Finiki or Foiniki or Phoiniki (Φοινίκι) is the only anchorage on th...
Alkioni Hotel.JPG
Finiki, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 1.54 km
Arhontiko Hotel.jpg
Finiki, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 1.6 km
Arhontiko Hotel in Finiki village: We are located at a beautiful area on top of Finiki village so...
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