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Karpathos has only one harbor, of questionable safety, and considering the size of the island only a few anchorages.

Pigadia (Πυγάδια) or Port Karpathos is one of two harbors in the island of Karpathos. The main space available for visiting yachts is on the outside of the mole enclosing the fishing harbour, where yachts anchor moor in depths of 5 meters (the inside of the mole is full of fishing boats on laid moorings and a yacht should not attempt to enter). There is reportedly a heavy ground chain on the bottom about 60 meters off the quay, on which yachts have occasionally fouled their anchors, so care is needed when mooring. Pigadhia gets very uncomfortable in any winds over force 5, especially since they are generally from the north to northwest, which send a heavy chop down onto the quay. In these conditions, either pull further off the quay or anchor off the beach in the northern part of the bay, where the fetch of the waves is shorter. A yacht should only be left unattended on the quay in settled weather.
A new ‘mini-marina’ has been constructed to the west side of the harbour, where charts show a rough breakwater connecting the shore to Garonisos islet. The marina has laid moorings, water and electricity. However, although enabled with EU development funding, it is already filled to capacity with local boats and visiting yachts will be fortunate to find a vacant berth.

Warning: The harbor is subject to very strong gusts and it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous with the meltemi. It is better to anchor in Pigadia Bay, just 2 NM north of the harbor.

(Text from: http://www.cruiserswiki.org)


Pigadia - Karpathos City
Pigadia Harbour.jpg 5 Jahren ago
Pigadia Harbour Sea-Chart.jpg 5 Jahren ago
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