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My origins are from a place called Tristomo in Karpathos island, Greece…

Here at Tristomo I lived for the first three years of my life. My family then moved into the capital of Karpathos, Pigadia for financial reasons. For the last 15 years I have started slowly to come back at Tristomo, the place I was born, thus my home. Nearly 5 years ago I started implementing a plan to restore Iliahtida a traditional Green House. This project first of all represents my true presence at Tristomo and the creation of a daily life, based on activities such as, cultivation, fishing, beekeeping etc.

Then I want to do everything I can to help Tristomo, a place that participates on the Natura 2000 network in the heart of the third Sea Park of Greece. This is a dream that I hope to complete with much effort, work and the help of people who will come to Tristomo and Iliahtida to live with me real experiences in the area, and also help protect this unique site.


Come to Iliahtida Project and stay in a traditional green house that has access only from the sea…

Iliahtida is an old family home recently renovated with love and respect to the local environment and the local architecture. Built of stone and wood in the edge of the nearby sea, like most homes located at the traditional village of Tristomo.
It is a tourist villa, 100 m2, which can accommodate from two (2) up to eight (8) guests.
The house is functional and fully equipped, decorated and furnished with a unique traditional way of the island.
Iliahtida Project is environmentally friendly and has been awarded the Green Key, from the Greek nature conservation company.

It works only with renewable energy sources and has full autonomy for the daily needs of up to eight (8) guests in electricity, hot water, internet via satellite etc.

One of the peculiarities of this traditional accommodation is the rooms – even the bathroom -do not communicate with each other. The bedroom consists of a traditional wooden double bed (Sofa) and two sofa beds (benches). The kitchen can easily be converted into a second bedroom, as there is a sofa-bed (divan). The toilet is in the room and is spacious and can comfortably meet the needs of all visitors.

Your transport to and from the airport can be by a taxi and boat and can be arranged by us. Full board and everything you need in everyday supplies can be also provided by us after an agreement, which will take care of your comfort and safety in your everyday needs.


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