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Cafe Karpathos.jpg
4.50 (1 review)
Pigadia, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.03 km
Cafe Karpathos was founded in 1985 by Thula and Elias. Our place was famous for it’s intern...
Karpathos Boat Rental.jpg
Pigadia, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.1 km
We are located at the main port of Karpathos Island in Pigadia Town. You can find us right accros...
Pigadia Harbour.jpg
Pigadia Harbour 0.19 km
Karpathos has only one harbor, of questionable safety, and considering the size of the island onl...
Kassos Boat Trip.jpg
KASOS PRINCESS is a newly build craft, build with the latest technological innovations, safe, pro...
Karpathos-Bus-Schedule-High-Season 2017.PNG
Bus Station, Pigadia, Karpathos 85700, Greece 0.2 km
Bus Schedule for High-Season: Valid from 19JUN – 24SEP 2017: –> CHECK PHOTO !!!
Karpathos by Bus.jpg
Bus Station, Pigadia, Karpathos 85700, Greece 0.2 km
Informations about Schedules, Routes, Travel Times,… In wintertime (until mid-May) there ar...
Amarylis Hotel.jpg
Pigadia, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.2 km
Amarylis Hotel is located in the center of Pigadia, the capital of the beautiful island of Karpat...
Karpathos-Bus-Schedule-Low-Season 2017.PNG
Bus Station, Pigadia, Karpathos 85700, Greece 0.2 km
Bus Schedule for Low-Season: Valid from 15MAY-18JUN and 18SEP – 15OCT 2017 –> CHEC...
Apodimion 69, Pigadia, Karpathos 85700, Greece 0.21 km
Over 110 years old, The Life of Angels began as a coffeeshop for the men of the villages to gathe...
Anek Lines.JPG
Pigadia Harbour, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.23 km
Anek Lines 24 Akti Kondili str. 18545 Piraeus Working Hours & Days: 09:00-17:00, Monday-Frida...
Blue Star Ferries.JPG
Pigadia Harbour, Karpathos 85700 - Greece 0.23 km
BLUE STAR FERRIES 1-7 Lysikratous & Evripidou Street 17674 Kallithea, Athens, Greece Website:...
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