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We rented a car at Gatoulis Auto Moto Rentals in Pigadia, Karpathos from 16/08-22/08/2017.

They told us that we will get the car fully filled with gas and shall return it fully filled. As we started the engine the needle of the petrol level was missing one quarter of petrol.

We showed this to the owner and he said: „Yes, I know, the needle is broken I know all of my cars very well, it is definitely totally full.“ He said this to me (the renter), my sister and a Greek friend of ours (who spoke in Greek with him and his wife and knows them for several years; she was the one who recommended Gatoulis to us) so there was no chance of a misunderstanding. So we believed them and drove away.

On the last day of our trip we went to the petrol station and I asked the gas station attendant to please fill the whole tank up. So he did. I paid 50 EUR for the whole tank (it was a small white Hyundai i10, price per liter was EUR 1,80). When I looked at the needle and I was shocked: it showed totally full!! The needle wasn’t broken at all.

So we thought of a misunderstanding and as we drove back to Gatoulis to return the car we friendly asked them for a discount as we paid for the full petrol but didn’t get the whole car filled up and had to pay for it by ourselves. So obviously we had to pay extra for 1/2 the gas tank (the one quarter we paid for in the rental price and the one quarter we filled up before we returned the car).

Not only did we not get any discount at all – they yelled at us that we were liars and even a call from our friend in Greek was of no interest to them! They just said we made the story up. And as I said I would write a review stating what they did, they simply answered they didn’t care at all because they were here so long and they were the best company on Karpathos.

We took really good care of the car and we always play to fair rules (the ones we agreed to when we originally signed the hiring contract) but this company is FRAUD!!! They only want to make profit out of tourists!

SO UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES HIRE CARS HERE! You get only yelled at and the owners will tell you that you are stupid tourists (this is what they said to us – and we didn’t even unterstand the part in Greek…) – a shame to every tourist destination. Thanks for making us feeling terrible and exploited and to the impression this gives us when thinking back to our holiday!


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