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Unnamed Road 857 00 GR

Finiki View is a recently built hotel facing the little port and the beach of Finiki Village. About 2 km from Arkasa Town, Finiki View is a small complex built in a traditional amphitheatric architecture with paved court yards full of flowers and trees. Its natural beauty follows the hillside that surrounds the hotel.

Although it is 100 meters away from the sea, and the local tavernas of Finiki Village, our hotel is peaceful and quiet. Our hotel has B category rooms all surrounded by plants, with private bathroom, air condition and kitchen for memorable and quality holidays. We can offer our guests the chance to relax and enjoy their holidays in our comfortable and well equipped rooms, our spacious swimming pool with a panoramic view of Finiki Village, the sea and the surrounding region with the Karpathian mountains in the background.

Finiki View is an ideal place for business/family holidays. With its green gardens it feels delightful, attractive and welcoming for spending a long, pleasant and relaxing time.

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